In professional circles, I use my middle initial to resolve ambiguity: Scott A. Mitchell.


John Pearce Mitchell, my great-grandfather. Stanford chemical engineering professor, Registrar; Red Cross; Palo Alto mayor, a.k.a. "Mr. Palo Alto." Palo Alto Historical Association bio (local mirror) and photos .
John W. Mitchell, my father, ME Professor Emeritus at UW-Madison.
John C. Mitchell, my brother, CS Professor at Stanford, and Vice-Provost for teaching and learning.
Christopher Wright Mitchell, my brother, writes books for Concordia Publishing House.
Laura Mitchell Schickli, my sister, textiles, knitter, weaver, spinner, teacher, biologist.
Robert Mitchell, my cousin, English professor at Duke

Professionally related

Joe Mitchell, Computational Geometry, Applied Math professor at SUNY Stony Brook.
William F. Mitchell, Scientific Computing, NIST.
Donald P Mitchell at Mental Landscape published computer graphics papers on ray tracing and filtering in the 1980's and 1990's, long before I was interested in the topic. (DP Mitchell on Google scholar)


Scott Mitchell, author of seven ASP/ASP.NET books and founder of
Scott Mitchell, football quarterback.
Scott Mitchell, Canadian geologist.
Scott Mitchell. Prof. University of Kansas, School of Business.

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